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  • Home to home digital story exhibition; Geelong portraits

    The final iteration of "Home to home" opened on Tues 8th Sept at 11:00, it closes on 15 Sept’15.

    The exhibition is at Deakin Geelong Waterfront campus and is included in the Word for Word National Non-fiction Festival. The following are the portraits of the Geelong storytellers. The Cairns and Newcastle portraits went up to coincide with those exhibitions earlier this year.

    Jim Jolly, late 40’s was at risk of entering a nursing home.

    Russell Bramley, Russell’s wife lived in a nursing home for almost 3 years.

    Leanne Fitzgerald, late 40’s has lived in a nursing home for over 3 years.

    Debbie Sawyer, early 50’s has lived in a nursing home for over 7 years.

    The Fear Family, it was suggested that Paul move into a nursing home in his early teens.

    Rose Stolk, early 50’s has lived in a nursing home for over 6 years.

    Kirrily Hayward, late 20’s lives in a nursing home.

    Bree Synot, early 20’s avoided going into a nursing home.

    Angie Brown, early 60’s lives in a nursing home.

    In Australia, over 6000 young people under 65 live in nursing homes with people in their 80’s because there is nowhere else for them to go. Many of these people are socially isolated and receive visits from friends less than once a year. Established in 2006, the mission of the Summer Foundation is to resolve the issue of young people in nursing homes in Australia.

    The Summer Foundation works to raise awareness of this issue and to change human service policy and practice. Our aim is to increase the number and types of appropriate housing options for these young people. 

    This exhibition allows you to view the stories of people directly connected to the issue of young people in nursing homes, and to experience the achievements of these storytellers who faced their struggles and found hope.

    The videos are personal accounts created by storytellers who participated in Digital Story Workshops held in Newcastle, Cairns and Geelong in 2014. They are powerful stories, revealing a part of our society that is usually hidden away.”