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  • Jewellery, portraits, portrait, jewellery/jewelry, NYC!

    (so really more sculpture, just portable, & portraits)

    Since I last broadcast to you all I've been having fun!

    I've had the pleasure of shooting the world renowned jeweller Carlier Makigawa and her amazing work! 

    Her show is on until 09 April 2016 at Gallery Funaki and Art Jewelry Forum have published a very interesting interview with her.

    Been back at the Lost Trades Fair shooting the fantastic makers and wonderful people that come together to help make it so special. More about that later in the year.

    Then last week shot some lovely furniture for Artefact Furniture and made a quick portrait of Byron the man behind every artifact they produce!

    Also shooting Jo Hawley's jewellery before shipping it to NYC. She's been invited to participate in an annual contemporary jewellery event called LOOT held at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) from 11 to 16 April, 40 to 50 jewelers (that's how they spell it over there) from around the world are invited to attend each year. (In the interest of full disclosure Jo is my wife and thus has no choice but to use me to shoot her work AND take me along to NYC!) @johawleyjewellery