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  • A trug load of portraits! Lost Trades Fair 2015.

    On the Labor day weekend I was able to set up a “studio” at Kyneton racecourse to photograph the makers from the Lost Trades Fair, for the organizer, Lisa Rundell, of Rundell&Rundell, Lost Trades Fair and The Chairmaker’s Wife (she is very busy).

    The makers are a very passionate bunch with deep knowledge of their field and insatiable curiosity about other people’s work and craft.

    This made them exciting to meet and photograph. The fact that across the 2 days there were 14,000 visitors to the fair and the makers barely had time to take a breath let alone have a picture taken, along with constant protestations of “I’ll break your camera” made them quite a challenging subject matter!

    Here are some screen grabs.

    PS More than a little inspiration for the pictures was taken from Irving Penn’s “Small Trades” series.